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Notice to DirectUs Customers Regarding Internet Scam/Phising

An open notice to all service subscribers of services:

You are no doubt aware of the increasing number of attempts by malicious hackers to acquire information from any or all internet users regarding personal information which may be used to steal identity, access credit information or other information about you which may have value.

As a result of such activity you may from time to time receive unsolicited email requesting information related to your use of our service from someone posing as a representative of

In order to safeguard yourself from such malicious activity we suggest you keep the following points in mind when evaluating an unsolicited request for any information you regard as personal or confidential.

  1. We have your Username & Password and all other pertinent information regarding your account in our internal database. We do not need you to provide it to us and will not ask you for such information in an unsolicited email.
  2. We will post a copy of any authentic email or notice we make to our subscribers on our web site to provide you a means of verifying authenticity.
  3. You should independently surf to our web site to verify authenticity. Do not just click through a link in an email to get to our web site to verify authenticity. The link in the unsolicited email can be spoofed to appear to be ours, but in fact take you to a fraudulent site.

If you observe these three points in evaluating if an unsolicited email request is legitimate you will likely never be a victim of a malicious hacker attempt to acquire your personal information.

In closing we would like to thank you for your continuing patronage of DirectUs.netís service. Our team at recognizes you have alternatives to the use of our service and consider ourselves privileged to be your chosen service provider.


With best wishes and warmest regards,

The Operations & Customer Service Team



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